↣ Hey, guys! This storytime is going to be about something I love, ME!! Wow, I promise I’m not that self-absorbed. But I hope you enjoy!


The baby me!

This is all about me. Not the cover girl, happens and rainbow me, but the real me. Let’s start with the best day ever. October 8th, 1997 in Tampa FL. I was born a bald baby, I stay bald till I was about 3ish. But that didn’t stop my mom from taping bows to my egg shaped head!! I don’t remember much from being a baby but who does.


My parents!

I love my mom and dad! My dad is a big goofball and my mom was a calm goofball. but I and my mom didn’t get along well. doesn’t mean I didn’t love her. My mom was an RN the best dam RN around and my dad was a bus driver for the city.


My Sisters!

They drive me crazy, But they are my family. I have a half sister who I see once a year, I have an older sister who is 19 months apart! In high school, people would always think I was her or her twin. It got annoying really fast.then I have my youngest sister who is 4 years apart from me. Me and here are the closest together. We talk about a lot and is always there for each other.


The Sadness…

At the age of 16, my mom got really sick. Her kidneys failed and until this day no one knew why they stopped working! While she was sick I took care if she and that was a hand fill. I was still in high school at the time and had to drop out. At the age of 18, she died. my whole world stopped and I didn’t know what to do. my older sister moved out and my dad worked all they time so I had to take care of my little sister. I cleaned and cooked and did everything while getting my GED. I had an anxiety disorder and it was really tough…



Today I am happy to still doing everything I did before but started my first college course!! I still have my anxiety disorder but I know how to somewhat manage it. I have this amazing boyfriend who I love and helps me with everything. I hope to bring happiness to you guys and spend the love!!!!




I hope you love this long post it was hard to write because it made me think a lot about my past and what I wanted to include in here but in the comment down below I want to know a fun fact about you guys could be anything you want!!! I love you guys and I will see you later!


↣↣ Ps. I finally have a twitter!!! So now you can follow me there and be first to know when I post and be apart of fan Friday!!!







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