What’s in my bag!

Hey guys! Today is a what is in my bag post but before we get started to hit that subscribe button and follow me on Twitter to be the first to know when I upload and to be a part of Fan Friday!!! Now on to the blog…



IMG_20170613_015418.jpgIMG_20170613_015214.jpgI recently got this purse from Ross and I love it! It was on sale for $19.99!! It’s a gray fake leather bag with a small pocket in the front and this buckle style thing in the front. In the pocket, I have some pens, gum, earphones, and some lipstick for easy grabbing!



On the inside, there are 3 big pockets. The one in the middle has a zipper and in that one, I keep a phone charger, deodorant, and socks (because I don’t always like wearing shoes so I keep socks with me so I can put them on!) and then I have the elephant pouch with a lot of posts it notes!


Then for the other pockets, I have one just for my wallet and my phone and the other I have my notebook for making list and ideas and then my planner so I know what I’m doing and the book in currently reading!!







↣ I hope you guys liked what’s in my bag!!! In the comments down below let me know what is one thing you have to always have with you!!! Till next time guys be happy!




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