Makeup VS No Makeup!

↣ Hey, cuties!! Today I’m doing a rant type post. Lately, I’ve been getting comments like why don’t you always wear makeup or stop wearing so much! but the one that gets me the most is why do you wear make up for him?! I hate when people say because I don’t wear my makeup for him or I don’t dress up for him I do it for me! I do it because I want to! Not for my boyfriend or any guy but for me!
↣ There was a point in time I hated makeup I just really didn’t care about it but I also a kid, I would see my older sister spend FOREVER doing her makeup and always thought it was dumb. Then high school happened and I was the kid that didn’t fit in at all I would go hid in the back of the class and get my school work done and didn’t wear any makeup didn’t dress up at all I didn’t want to be notice but after a year of high school I was made fun of because I didn’t dress up or look pretty to their standard and I hated that so I started wearing makeup and dressing up to please other people not myself but yet wearing makeup to school gave me confidence and I did loved that! But it wasn’t me. I wasn’t being myself and that needed to change so I went back to wearing what I wanted to wear and did my makeup how I liked it and I wanted to feel confident in myself without having to hide my freckles or without all the lipstick! So I just stop wearing makeup every day and looked at myself in the mirror and said to myself you are beautiful without the makeup and don’t listen to them now I can go days without wearing anything and some days I just put a little on!! I can go look in a mirror without makeup on a smile because I know I’m beautiful without it! I never once thought while putting on my makeup for a date “he would love that I’m wearing makeup”!! so girls wear makeup if you want to or don’t! You guys are all beautiful just the way you are but if you do want to wear makeup wear it for yourself not them!!!

One thought on “Makeup VS No Makeup!

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