My breakup story

Hey guys, this week has been a difficult one. I have broken up with my boyfriend of 3 years well he broke up with me. I wanted to talk about my break up because this blog is about me sharing my story and my life but also trying to help people so no matter how painful it is I know I want to share this story so here it goes! This past few week we have just been fighting and every little thing got us mad so I knew this couldn’t go on anymore. But there were other problems going on in this relationship. He didn’t want to handle me with my anxiety disorder and I couldn’t be with a guy who after 3 years now sees a problem with it. But I also know there was someone else who didn’t have anxiety attack all the time so it is what it Is! I felt he was in it for the sex and not me. I couldn’t do the anymore its been like that for about a few months and at the time I couldn’t end it because that would mean losing the only person in my life who I had to talk to who was there and help me through my mom’s death to my family and the shit they cause and just everything! but a few days ago he texts me saying goodbye and that’s it no phone call no in person just a text so I didn’t mean that much to him I guess! It was a one-sided relationship and I was always losing in it but I know It’s up from here! one day I’ll find the right guy for me and I learn from my mistakes. I might just be slow to upload the blog and or just might need a break but I promise just give me a few days and i will be back to myself i love you guy and thank you have everything❤

3 thoughts on “My breakup story

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