Outfit Playbook

IMG_20170620_163734Hey guys before we get started I want to say sorry about how bad the photos are I didn’t have access to my office so I couldn’t get to my camera! but I do still hope you guys like the post! now on to the blog!! Todays outfit playbook I wanted to do a casual outfit! I’m always on the go with running errands, driving my little sister around and just hanging out with friends but it is also really hot here in Florida! I mean really hot so I wanted to do light and thin outfit but also covering up the goods so for this weeks outfit I went with this white tank top that I got from Target for $6.99! I love this tank top Because it’s thin but not really thin that its see through. It also kind of flairs out on the sides and it makes my curves look good! I also got it in so many colors lol! Then I had on a bright pink bralette that I have for awhile. Then I went with black and gray leggings that I got from Walmart for $12.00. They are high waisted so it sucks in my belly which is always good! They not really thick leggings and perfect for the summer!IMG_20170627_205913 I love how they make my legs look so thin and long even though my legs are always long! Then for the shoes with my light blue Converse that my grandmother got me for my birthday! I didn’t wear any jewelry because I didn’t have any that went with is outfit That’s it for this weeks dress up playbook! In the comments down below let me know what season do you like the most!! I love winter because here in Florida it gets anywhere between 50-40 degrees and I love that !! And next week outfit playbook is going to be a fun one because I’m going to the beach for a weekend so I have something special planned!!



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