Phantom Effect Review!


Hey cuties! Today I’m doing a review on a book I just finish reading and I loved it!! it was called Phantom Effect by Michael Aronovitz! I love mystery thriller books and this one is one of my favorite one.  It’s about Jonathan Deseronto who is a serial killer! But he has a problem, he’s stuck on I-476 with 2 flat tires and dead bodies in his trunk. #serialkillerproblems!! The dead bodies were of Maddy Tucker former cop who was getting to close to Michael and the other one was a psychic. She uses her psychic powers to make him think he’s her and that he’s relieving the last week of her life. She makes sure he feels so much pain and lets him know that he messed with the wrong girl! Then the rest of Maddy tucker squad goes looking for her! Does he died? Does he get caught?  I don’t want to spoil it for you guys but I love it! I always loved murder mystery books. It’s exciting and just the plot of the book is amazing! I love the writing and how detail they are. You can just picture everything and I love that when I’m reading!  I would recommend it to people if they like books like this! 10/10!! lol

♥♥I hope you guys like this review on Phantom Effect! Let me know down below if you have any books you want me to review as always I love you guys!!!



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