App reviews 

♥♥Hey cuties today post is about 3 of my favorite apps that I am in love with! If you want a part 2 comment and like this post so I know you want it!! Now on to our first App!



↣  This app is amazing for a period tracker! Its easy to use and its clean looking too. I love that it has a white modern look to it because every other period tracker has every shade of pink with hearts and girly things, it can get overwhelming! Its really customizable so you can have it to fit your monthly need! I have used this app for about 4 years now and I love it! I also love the emails you get on tips and tricks on how to handle being a girl! So if your looking for a good period tracking app you can stop looking!


↣  This app is my life! I use it for every note taking task i do in life! From school to the blog to just everyday life evernote has my back. I use it on my phone and computer. Its clean looking and easy to use. You can make lists, notes, audio note, and so much more! It also as a work room section where you can add someone that has evernote and they can share notes with you and make notes together. I use it this feature mostly for the blog! Me and Kate will go back and forth on notes for the blog and everything Ally+Kat!!  Its great for work, school or just everyday life!


↣  With over 20 languages you can learn for free  Duolingo has become one of my favorites I am learning Spanish because my dads side is Cuban so they speak a lot of Spanish and i would like to learn it! This app is free and really easy to learn! I love how they planned out the lessons and how they teach it! Plus it has a star rating for each lesson so it makes it seem like a game so it makes it fun!

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