How I plan my week!

♥♥Hey cuties!! Today I wanted to kind of show you guys how I plan my week for the blog. So, let’s get started!

I got this planner from Amazon and I love it! It helps to keep organized with the blog and school! I also got the color pens from Amazon if you want the planner or the pens I will link them down below. I start out by choosing a color for each day I do this because when I make a to-do list for the week I can see what is for what day. Then I make a list of all the blog post I’m doing for the week on post-it notes. It usually always stays the same but I do have back post ready just in case I didn’t like how a post turned out or I couldn’t get it one done in time.IMG_20170629_151510 Then I start planning my week I go through each day with its color and put each blog post then in the other color I put what I have to do for school! On the other side of the page it was a weekly to-do list, that is where I make my list of stuff I have to do for the week i.e. writing a post, typing, taking photos, or uploading! then under that it has a notes and ideas! that is where I put ideas for the blog or notes I need to remember! I usually put ideas for upcoming posts or posts I want to do! And thats really it for my planner if you want the planner or the makers I will link them down below for you! Hope you guys enjoy this post as always I love you guys!!


↣ Ally+Kat ↢

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