Body Love! ♥

Hey guys for this fan Friday I picked Marry From twitter and she wanted me to talk about how I came to love my body! I thought this would be perfect for this week since I overcame a fear of mine and wore a bikini to the beach last weekend! That was a huge step for me because I would always wear a one-piece that covered me up and I would still feel so uncomfortable. But today I can say that I love my body but a year ago I couldn’t look at myself at all.

    I always had a curvy body big boobs and a big ass but before high school, I loved my body but then high school happened I was always made fun in high school so I already hated myself. But just seeing everyone who was skinny or pretty made me just want to hide forever. I would feel a little confident then see someone else and just lose it all. So I would wear long sleeve shirts and all pants to hide my body but leaving in Florida that’s not good it’s so hot here but I didn’t want to show off my body so I would Risk being really hot because I hated my body that much. There was a time where I didn’t eat all day and just worked out because I felt fat. Thank god that only lasted for a few days but I still hated my body and that went of for a few years. I would wear all dark colors because that didn’t show my fat and I would wear loses clothing and when it came to going to the beach or pool I just wouldn’t go. It got to the point I didn’t even want to go to the mall or anywhere like that because I felt judged! Then when I was 18 I met my now ex-boyfriend but at the time he showed me that I was beautiful and perfect just the way I was. He was always telling me to not worry and he would take me out to the beach and places I hated going and was there for me and that made me realize that I shouldn’t hide my body I should love it and show it off because I’m hot!!! The change started out small I would wear half short sleeve shirts and skinny jeans and then the next month I would wear short sleeves and then now I wear shorts out and dresses!! I wear tank tops out and whatever I want to wear because I know I’m beautiful no matter what!! I know I will have days where I may not love my body but I do know those days will pass and I will always love my body and guess what you are beautiful and perfect just the way you are!! Whether you are skinny, curvy, tall, or short I love you for you!

I hope you guys love this!! It made me really  emotional but I really did enjoy writing this! As always I love you guys!!! And thank you Marry for being this weeks fan Friday and picking a perfect story for this week. If you want to be the next fan Friday Follow me on twitter or just follow the blog and I might just pick you for fan Friday! and if you want to know what fan Friday is I will link it down below!! As always I love you guys!!

↣ Ally+Kat ↢


Fan Friday Guideline!!

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