Outfit Playbook Beach Edition

Hey guys! For todays Outfit Playbook We are doing something different! I am currently at the  beach with my family and friends   so I wanted to do a beach edition of this Outfit Playbook but this is always my first time buy and wearing a 2 piece bathing suit!! I never had the confidence to wear one but one of my goals this year is to wear one so here we go I hope you guys enjoy now on to the blog!

I got this 2 piece from adore me which I love them! I got it for $49.99 which isn’t to bad of a price. the one thing I love is the top fits like a bra so you get it in your bra size and the IMG_201707;;;;01_174014cups have wires in them to hold up the goods!  Which I always love!! Then the high wasted bottoms are my favorite. I always love high wasted bottoms and the patter on the swim suit is so cute! IMG_2017hgh0706_211941  Then I got this sundress from old navy and I love it! I really love then blue and the birds on it. I got it for 9.99 it was on sale at the time and I wear it a lot but I really love wearing it over my bathing suit! Its a thick material but not to think! I love the colors on the dress from the blue, the black, and the white! I’ll usually wear on sandals with it or my light blue converses and I would wear my black sunglass that I got from Walgreens! As for my hair I might have it up if I’m swimming or sown if I’m just out by the sun! That is it for this weeks outfit playbook I hope you guys enjoyed it and as always I love you guys!!!!


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