GED Rant!

  Hey guys today I wanted to talk about something that I guess people really don’t understand because they make fun of it or stereotype it and It has a bad name to it! that is a GED! I have talked about this before but I had to drop out of high school when I was 15 because my mom got really sick. At that time I was taking care of her, taking her to doctors and helping her take a bath and just doing everything I could! Then of December of 2015, she ended up passing away. That was hard on all of us but that meant I had to do everything she did. I grocery shopped, paid bills, manage money, Take care of my sister and take care of my dad. My dad works but he has cancer so he’s never feeling good. My older sister moved out and really doesn’t do much to even talk to us at all but there is this one moment I will always remember and that’s when she said to my grandma “Allie is never getting anywhere in life!” That hurt so much because I did so much for this family and it made me feel worthless!
     I went home that day and started looking for GED programs. I couldn’t go to a school to do it because I never had time so I started looking online! I ended up finding Penn Foster and I knew this was the one! It was easy to enroll and it wasn’t too pricey. But when I told my sister and everyone else, some of them didn’t take it so nicely. My dad was proud of me which made me happy but my sister didn’t like it. She thinks it doesn’t count for anything and that it was a stupid thing. Which a lot of people think so but I’m here to prove you wrong!
     Most people get to college much faster when they get their GED. When I was enrolling I was reading reviews and people were saying that at the age of 17 they started the college that they wanted and at the age of 26 he was done with school! But not only that people that get their GED more on to top colleges and still have amazing jobs! I love the way U.S News examples it.
“Forty-three percent of GED recipients enroll in postsecondary programs within six years, compared with 64 percent of high school graduates, according to a 2010 report from the American Council on Education. However, few complete more than one school year of coursework. A 2009 study by the council that followed 1,000 GED-takers also found that only 307 enrolled in some type of postsecondary education within five years and that three-quarters of those dropped out after one semester. Only 17 completed a degree or certificate.”
According to a 2014 report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the U.S. ranked seventh out of 20 countries in the percentage of adults between 20 and 45 who had professional training as their highest qualification. Less than 20 percent of those adults in the U.S. did, compared with nearly 35 percent in Canada, 30 percent in Ireland and about 20 percent in Austria and Estonia. So all of this shows you can get a GED and be just as important as just graduating high school! If you want to read the article from the U.SNews I will link it down below! I hope you guys enjoy this!!

↣ Ally+Kat ↢


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