Outfit Breakdown!


♥   Hey guys for this Outfit breakdown I’m doing a dress up casual kind of look. I hope you guys enjoy! Now lets start with hair! I usually go with my leaving my hair down and untouched  and I love that look! Then for make up I do with natural look with natural colors for the eyeshadow and light mascara then for my lips I would go with the rebel rose color of my liquid matte! Now for the outfit, I got this pink dress from forever 21 and I love it! It was $15.00 and its made with kinda thin material but not to thin! Its light pink with 3 snap buttons at the top.  I love how it flares out at the bottom, it really shows off my curves! Then I got this flannel from target and its a oversize long flannel and it black and white and I love this because I use it for casual to fancy outfits and I have like 100 flannels so I may have a problem lol! For the shoes I went with these boots from sears! I got them on sale around Christmas for $16.99  and just like the flannel I use these for a casual to a fancy outfit! Then for jewelry I just have some rings from torrid and the bracelet I got from my ex! And that’s really it!

I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks Outfit Breakdown! Let me know down in the comments below What is your favorite color! As always I love you guys!!!


↣ Ally+Kat ↢

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