How to: Survive a break up

Hey guys for todays how to post I wanted to do something I know a lot of and that a how to survive a break up! I been though this many times before and know how tough it can be but I hope by reading this, it will help you get through yours! Now on to the blog!

↣ No matter how many times you see a magical break up on TV or in movies, we know it’s never like that! There are good breakups and really bad ones, but never ones that require a cheesy backtrack and walking away from the person you loved in slow motion as a flashback plays of what your relationship use to look like! Yes, guys today we are looking at what a break up is really like from the good, the bad, and most definitely the ugly! so let’s start with the ugly!

Rule 1: Cry your heart out
I love this rule. No matter how the breakup happened Crying is always good! I always hated when someone would tell me you don’t need to cry because, in reality, you do need it! it helps to get all the sad feelings out so you can finally smile and be happy!

Rule 2: Do NOT text the ex because you miss him
Okay so maybe I should listen to my own advice. I may have done this the other night. But in no way did it help we just fought again! so for your own do not do it you’ll just end it back to why you broke up!

Rule 3: Have fun!
You are now single so enjoy that! Go out and have fun with friends. maybe you might find cute guy to have fun with but don’t get into another serious relationship just yet hun!

Rule 4: Show off you!
Let them know what they are missing! Go out to the beach you maybe post a new photo online! or maybe you know where your ex likes to hang out go with your friends let him know you are beyond fine without him!

Rule 5: Eat your heart out!
Eat and I mean eat anything you want! I know it’s usually ice cream that your eat when going through a breakup but I’m not an ice cream person I always go for pizza or candy! So go get whatever you want and eat it all you deserve it!

Rule 6: Cuss him out!
Maybe he deserves it or maybe not but I know you have some words for him. Just don’t say it to his face maybe just to your wall or pillow!

Rule 7: Be you!
No matter what happens I know you will be 100% ok and will get through it! Just be you and be surrounded by people who love and care for you!

I hope you guys enjoy this How to: survive a breakup! I also hope you guys will learn from my mistake a won’t text your ex at 1 am because you missed him lol but as always I love you guys!

↣ Ally+Kat ↢



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