My Love Life

♥   Its the one thing I stay away from when it comes to family dinners and my dad! I hated talking about it because well my love life sucks… I’ve been cheated on, lied to, and was used. So today I’m breaking down my love for all of use to see how not to fall in love!

    Growing up I was always watching love story movies and those stupid hallmark movies and in my mind that’s what I thought my life would be like. I would just walk into some really hot guy while doing something so common and BOOOM we are planning a weeding! But that also made me fall in love really easy and that was a problem. I’ve only had 2 serous relationship  in my life so far but before I get to that lets get into a backstory! I was a big fan of online dating but that’s only because I had really bad anxiety so I couldn’t just go out to find a guy. Then in high school meeting a guy that wasn’t a dick was really hard. My high school was filled with kids who I wouldn’t say rich but they liked to show off the stuff they brought with their parents money.  They were self absorbed and I just didn’t see myself finding a guy there. So online dating it was!

    When I was a freshmen in high school I met this guy though Facebook and I wont lie he was cute. his name was Jesse #1 and he would become the biggest dick I would know  a year later… At the time I was going though a lot, my mom was first put in the hospital, I was stress at school my family was falling apart it was a bad time but talking to Jesse #1 made me forget all of that and I was happy for once. We went on a few dates but I never really feel like going out  at the time and I don’t know what it was but being with him made me just happy until a year later, I got a text from what said his sister saying he was arrested for something dumb and I packed because I didn’t want to lose the only guy I could talk to and they guy at the time I loved. so the next day I talked to the sister trying to get more info and I’m freaking out  and she wasn’t giving me anything and then I get a snap chat from him and it was of him kissing a girl. He accidently sent me a photo of him kissing his new girlfriend. He fake a story on how he went to jail and all that just because he didn’t want me! If I didn’t have gotten that photo how long would that have gone on for! So he because the 1/2 of my serious relationship story…

    A few years after I  met another Jesse #2. He was much cuter but he became one of my best friends. Dating was the lest from my mind at he time but I started growing feeling for Jesse #2 and so I told him and we went on a few dates and I could really talk to him and he was there when my mom first died. I remember sitting in the waiting room and getting the news and just running outside to call him. He was there for me then about a uear of us dating he told me he got a really good job but it was in a diffent state!! I was really happy from him , he was working really hard for this and I was there to support him. We stayed together while he was away and it was fine till one day he just stopped texting me and calling me or anything!…  I lost my boyfriend I figured he found another girl and was now trying to get over Jesse #2. A few months past and  I saw him one day back in Florida and I was ready to yell at him but come to found out his 4 months  pregnant girlfriend was with him!!!! Yeah somehow While we were still together he got a girl pregnant I walked away so fast I just didn’t want to to do anything I would regret! So he thinks it was my falut that I stoped talk to him but I was the only one trying and that relationship ended and now I was left alone again..

     The last guy I dated well I already gave him his own blog post which I will link here long story short It was great at first. We met when I was 18 and He was amazing. Then a few months ago we just started fighting and it became a one sided relationship and I  was always losing. Then it became about just sex so He ended it and now I’m single… He needed to be right and for that he was always putting me down! But out of all my relationship they all have a common theme. I find the one guy I could talk to and helps me forget all the shitty stuff in my life then they are gone and I’m by myself again and that’s hard for me to deal with. Its not that I need a man in my life its more I need someone to talk to and be there for me. But that all turns in to just sex or they cheated on me…  But as of now I’m happy with being single and I know I will find the right guy for me when I do.

What have I learned from all of this… don’t date anyone whos frist name starts with a J!   Jesse#1 Jesse#2 Josh! lol

  ♥  Thank you guys for everything I hope you guys like this long posted and I hope you guys enjoyed it as always I love you guys!

↣ Ally+Kat ↢

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