Night time Skin routine!!

Hey guys!! Today I’m giving you a glimpse into my nigh time skin routine! Ill be showing you the stuff that I use and when I mostly use them! If you like this blog post make sure you hit that like button and follow the blog to know when I upload more!!

 ♥   The first product is Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water! I love this for removing make up it works so good! plus I have really sensitive so finding a makeup remover is hard enough! But with this one it doesn’t irritate!! All it is a water with a little makeup remover in it and it removers all your make up from eye to lips to face!! Just use a rag and add a little to it and start wiping. I got it for $8.00 at Walmart and they now how a few different types that I might try but for now this one is a must buy!!! I use it everyday!

  ♥   The next product is Studio 35 Beauty Peel off Cucumber Face Mask! This is Walgreens brand of face mask and I love it! It is cucumber sent which is my favorite.  All it is, is a clear sticky paste that you put on your face and let it set for 30ish minutes then peel off!! Its so satisficing to peel off! I got this for $5.00 which was much cheaper then freeman brand that was $12.99! I don’t use this all the time but some nights it helps with my dry skin!

   ♥    The last product is Well at Walgreens Acne Control Cleanser. This is Walgreens brand of a acne cleanser and I love it! It was much cheaper then any other brand that I look at and it works really well. If you have really sensitive skin I would try this because it works for me! I use this most nights but sometimes I’m to lazy to! lol It was only $5.99 and I would say this is a must buy!!!

I hope you guys love this night time routine type post!! Let me know down below what is something you do every night!!

↣ Ally+Kat ↢

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