One Month!

cropped-ffffffffffffffffffffffffff.jpgHey guy! I know I already had a post up for today but I had to write something on this! One month ago today I started this blog and I know what your saying “Really a month” or “Why make a big deal out of it” But I has always wanted to do a blog since I was about 12 and then I know I couldn’t but I would fake like I did and I would write all my posted in a notebook and show it to my mom and friends and it made me happy! Then in high school I wanted to make one but it got so overwhelming and at the time my mom had just gotten sick so I knew now wasn’t the time so I did the next best thing and planned out my blog so that one day when it was time I knew what I wanted to do! I made website after website not knowing what I was doing or anything and just kinda gave up. I thought that this was something that I couldn’t do so I left it at that…  It was always on my mind I really wanted to do this but never had the time or anything to do it… Then in the beginning of june I just wanted to do a blog and so I started looking and reseach and it got overwhelming again so I stop then in June 18 I did it  I wasn’t giving up this time!  I started out on blogger and I loved it at the time(it lasted for 2 days) But then I found wordpress and it had more options and it was easier to use so then I had to switch it over and long story short I here and have over 20 blog post up and still going! I’m enjoying it and having fun! I know I only get 4-8 views per day but I love thoses 4-8 people and I love hem for even wanting to look at my blog! So thank you guys so much! I cant belive I’m doing this but I’m really happy!!!  And couldn’t thank you guys enough.

↣ Ally+Kat ↢

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