Outfit Breakdown!

Hey guys! For this Outfit Playbook I’m doing my all-time favorite casual outfit! This is my I’m lazy and laundry isn’t done yet look and its really comfy.IMG_20170ffffffffffffff718_152040 Lets start with the with the hair and makeup for this look I usually go for a bun only because if I’m to lazy I probably haven’t washed my hair yet lol!  For the make up I just go with mascara and my matte lipstick in Nudist Peach! (I will link that review down below)  And then that’s it for makeup! The top I got from old navy and it is a boyfriend tee in grey and I love this shirt because it is thicker then normal t-shirts and it was only $12.99! and then the leggings are from TJ Maxxs for $10.99 and I have a lot of black leggings because I love them and they go with everything! I truck in the shirt because people say that’s cool and I think it looks cute!  Then for shoes i will go for some tan flats and that’s really it! I hope you guys like this Outfit Playbook!

↣ Ally+Kat ↢

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