My Tech Review!

↣   For todays Monday review I wanted to do something that I use a lot and stuff I really know about! I have always been a tech person and know a lot about it so today I’m doing a review on my keyboard and mouse! As a blogger I type a lot and use my mouse a lot so I wanted to show and tell you what I use and give my pros and cons on it! So one to my mouse…IMG_20170721_083329

  ↣   I got my mouse from amazon (where I get everything from!) for $10.00 and I will link both the mouse and keyboard at the end if you guys want to get it! Its small and small which I love! Its white with gold outlines and I love that color theme. It has a amazing high touch points For a $10 mouse and the sensory is great! It can be use for mac and windows and really any computer! They have a lot of designs too! I love it and I know you guys would like it!  ★★★★☆

  ↣  My keyboard I got from target but amazon also has it for a little bit cheaper. I got it from target for $38.99 and amazon has it for $30.00 so it saves you $9 which is good! Mines is blue but they have a few colors for you to pick from. I love that it has Bluetooth so I can use it for my laptop then use it on my phone or table to answer emails and sometimes write a post! It can fit in a laptop case or in a bag so its easy to carry with you and response time is amazing so for the price I think its worth it!!  ★★★★★

  ↣  So overall I love what I use and will continue to use it till I cant anymore! I hope you guys enjoyed this review next week I will have a funner review for you guys!! As always I love you guys and see you in the next post!

Mouse   Keyboard


↣ Ally+Kat ↢

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