Outfit Breakdown-Day to Night

     Welcome to a special edition of Outfit Breakdown! Today I’m doing a day to night look.   How this is going to work is I pick one piece of clothing and show you how to do a day to night look with it! I picked my black skater skirt! I got this skirt from forever 21 and it was on sale for $10.00! Which is amazing and its kinda tight and short but I’m also tall and have long legs so its hard to find a skirt that is a good length! Now lets breakdown the day to night aspect!



For the day look it went for a tomboy casual look if that makes sense. For the top I went with this pink T-shirt from old navy. It is a boyfriend style shirt and its lose and thin perfect for the summer! I love the way the pink and black look together and then I have this grey sweater from target! I love how it ties this look together!  It goes great with the skirt and shirt, the colors look great, its amazing. Then I have my blue converses and that’s what makes this look casual tomboyish! lol



For the night look I wanted to go with a flirty look! for the top I went with this a grey tank top from Walmart it was $3.00 and I love how it makes my boobs look lol and then I went with this oversize Blue and grey flannel It is a guys flannel That I got from Walmart for $8.00 and I love guys flannels better because I love how it looks on me and I love how it makes this outfit flirty! They are really oversize and it just makes this a fun look! Then for shoes I went with my white wedges from target!

     I hope you guys liked this Day to Night Outfit Breakdown! It was fun to do! If you have any ideas for the next Outfit Breakdown let me know down in the comments down below! As always I love you guys and see you in the next blog post!!

↣ Ally+Kat ↢


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