My Go To Apps!

    Hey Guys! For todays post I’m doing some of my go to apps that I use daily! So I hope you guys enjoy and now on to the blog!!


       I love Spotify! I use it everyday while I’m in the car or just cleaning around my house! If you don’t have it I think you should get it because its music at your finger tips Its at my hot bar ready to go when I need some tones to help me get through the day! ★★★★★


Really, you should why this is my go to app that I use everyday! lol I love the app because I can sit in bed and type a blog post from my phone or when I cant get to my computer I have it on my phone! I love to read comments on it and its amazing! ★★★★★


I love this to write my blog post on before I put it on WordPress and  I also use it for school to write essay and stuff like that.  The app works great on my phone and it syncs up to my computer so it will save on both my phone and computers . ★★★★☆


I love the cakepops…… and I can order it from my phone and don’t have to wait in line! I also love the Frappuccinos…. ★★★★★


I love donuts and the egg and cheese warps…. Don’t judge me lol! Again I love that I can order ahead and not have to wait in line! ★★★★★


I love to watch YouTube videos while my eating or getting work done and I really love it on the phone because I can do it anywhere! Like when I was at the doctors I was watching videos while waiting! ★★★★★

I hope you guys enjoyed this go to apps post! Let me know down in the comments down below what is your favorite app to use! As always I love you guys and I will see you in the next blog post!

↣ Ally+Kat ↢



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