Car Nightmare storytime!

     Hey guys! Today I’m telling you guys a story that just recently happened to me! If you follow me on twitter you guys would know my car broke down on July 7th and it was a hot mess trying to get it fix! So lets start with day 1, it breaking!

     Long story short my car is 10 years old! It was my moms car but when she got sick it was given to me! So on July 7th I went to pick up my aunt from work and when I got to her house my uncle saw that my car was uneven when I was parked so he asked to drive it and then it happened!!! My whole car started shaking like as if I didn’t have any tires on my car it was really scary!!!! He thought it was a flat tire, it wasn’t. Then he thought it was my breaks, it wasn’t. So I had no idea what was wrong with my car and my dad was at work so I couldn’t get to him and I still had to get home. So I drove it home and I couldn’t go over 20 mph and had to stop over every little bump or else it would shake! Thank god for tiny backroads!!  Now at the time I was having a really shitty anxiety attack and really don’t know how I made it home without crying! But now begins trying to get my car fix…

      I have a Kia Sorento and the thing about Kia is it takes a long time to find any part that you need and then it takes a lot longer for the part to get to you so I know it would make a little bit but not 3 weeks!! So on Monday (July 10th) My dad took it in to get looked at and they said it was something simple and it would only be $300 and will take 4 hours and I was really happy and was over the moon so my dad left the car and went to work with a friend. Then he calls me a few hours later and he said that they were wrong and they need a part from kia and it was going to be, wait for it $1400!!! What the hell. My heart dropped and I was speechless. I didn’t have $1400 and I didn’t know what to do! So many people depend on my car. I take my to and from work and I take my aunt to and from work every Monday- Friday so I was at a lost. A few days went by and my car still wasn’t fixed. I had to call my grandma and tell her that I haven’t gotten it fix yet because I don’t have the money. Then she offer to pay for it if I pay her some money every month  and I was really happy to hear that because I was really stressed out from this and didn’t know what to do so hearing that made me happy! Now I have the money I just need to find a place to fix my car!

      The first place we took my car to wanted way to much and would take way to long so we started looking someplace else and it was all the same till  my dad remember that before my grandfather died he would only take this truck this one place because they were amazing and he was friends with the guy so my dad called them and they remember my dad and they offed to go et the part that same day and fin it right away and I was so thankful for that so Friday July 21st at 7am they came and got my car with my dad and by 6ish pm they got it done and I didn’t believe it I thought my dad was lying but then he came home and my baby was fixed!!!! I couldn’t be happier! and now I have my car back and I am back to my daily schedule after spending 3 weeks stuck at home and having food delivered to me lol!

    I hope you guys enjoyed this story time I know it was a long one I tried to not talk for so long to keep it short for you guys but anyways I love you guys and I will see you in the next blog post!! 

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