Fan Friday Guilty Pleasures Tag Steve Q.


Hey guys for This fan Friday I’m doing a guilty pleasure tag thing! It was picked by Steve Q. I hope you guys enjoy! Let me know in the comments below what is one of your guilty pleasures!

1. TV Show.
House of cards or Wentworth (Both on Netflix)

2. Book.
Anything mystery

3. Song.
Anything country!

4. Band.
Same as number 3.

5. Purchases.
planners or pens anything office supplies  

6. Activity.
Sleeping and eating

7. Habit.
picking at my nail posh I don’t know why I do it lol

8. Movie.
Star wars I’m a huge fan of star wars!

9. Game on your phone.
These cat games KleptoCats and Neko Atsume! If you love cats get these games!!

10. Website.
YouTube!!! and WordPress.

Thank you Steve Q for being this week fan Friday! If you want to be the next fan Friday Make sure you follow the blog and my twitter and tweet me saying you want to be next fan Friday and you might get picked! As always I love you guys and see you I the next post!

↣ Ally+Kat ↢

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