July Warp Up!

     Hey guys! I’m doing something new to my blog. I’m doing a warp up for every month! That means I’ll give you guys a little summary on what has happen to me every month and to the blog I’ll tell you my favorite posts to my least favorite posts and give you a little inside on what that month looked like for me and Ally+Kat! So lets get started!

July was a busy and stressful month for me! A lot happen and I have had more mental breakdowns this month then I have ever had!! but some good did come out of this month so lets dive in to July staring with me!

Me And July

July started out really good I was on vacation at the beach for the week I was finally getting over my ex! I was sleeping in and staying up late and just enjoying life and then vacation ended and reality hit me…  I might have called my ex at 3am because I missed him and that just lead to me fighting.  then my car broke down (you can see the nightmare that was to fix click here!) I was without a car for 3 weeks!! and then my pay check wouldn’t go to my bank for some reason so I had to deal with that and that took 2 weeks to fix! All the stress made really sick and I lost a lot of motivation to do anything! After rereading all this it seems like I’m just complaining a lot but July was  just one of those months that I could find anything positive to say about it! I know there was some but it was lost in all the shit that did happen. I promise I’m not like this I am a happy person but we all have days (or months) that are really shitty and that ok to say! 

Ally+Kat and July

A lot of good came to the blog this July! Its been one month that I have had the blog and I reached my first goal of getting 5 Follows on my blog!!! and now we are so close to 10 follows! I’m still learning and with always be learning but I’m getting there! I’ve kind of found my way to the blog and I know how I want to write!

Some new stuff coming to Ally+Kat

  • Wrap up- this is a wrap up for every month!
  • Lets talk(what ever month is happing.)- this where I talk about the up coming month and what I hope and wish for it!
  • How to- This is a funny series where I give you times or dumb stuff Its a fun where to make fun of stuff

My Favorite post

  • Makeup vs No makeup!- I don’t wear make up for guys! I wear it for me! (click here)
  • Outfit breakdown- This was the beach one wear  I show off my bikini! (click here)
  • Happy Birthday dad!-I did a cute little tag for my dad! (click here)
  • How to: break up- The first in the how to series (click here)

What I hope for in August!

I hope for less stress and more fun! I hope to improve my writing and reach 10 follows on my blog! I really hope to move on from my ex because that has been hell and I just hope to be more happy! If you want to see More about what I want for August make sure you look read my lets talk August! It will be out on Wednesday  8/9!

     I hope you guys like this first wrap up post I hope to do this every month and  I hope to improve this style of post so hang with me here lol but as always I love you guys and I’ll see you in the next post! 

↣ Ally+Kat ↢

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