How I write a blog post!

      Hey guys! For this post I’m giving you a inside look on who I write a blog post and the stuff I use! I hope you guys enjoy! Now on to the blog…


     I start by picking a topic. If I don’t have a idea yet I either go to my friends, google or look at my list of stuff I want to write! I have a wall of post it notes of stuff I want to write about! Once I have a topic I start brainstorming and I use the post brainstorming guide from will link everything down below for you!) and this is really helpful because I can get lost when I start to write and this helps me to stay on topic! Sometimes I will start writing one thing but it will end with talking about something else so this just helps me to stay on track! With this post brainstorming guide  it breaks down the post with the 5 W’s (Who, What ,When, Why, How!) and I love this because it makes writhing easy for me! I have dyslexia so writing is really hard for me but with this I am able to brainstorm and write so much easier. In high school this was my helpline when it came to writing so the 5 w’s where easy for me to use! Then it has a ideas and a To Do spot and I use it for putting bullet points on what I’m going to write about! Then for the To Do I put a list of things That need to do for the post, like Take photos, write, edit photos, tags and post it! 

     Then when I’m done with planning I start typing and that could take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours!! I can get distracted or can lose the motivation to type because of my dyslexia. I can get frustrated sometimes so I take a little breaks! It helps to calm me down and gets me motivation to write again. Then when I finally done with writing I then fill out the weekly post planner and this is also from and this is just to help me keep track of tags, categories, SEO, and call to action! Then I put any photos that go with that post and then I schedule it! And that’s it!

     I use a lot of stuff from They have a lot of stuff for free and stuff you can buy and I love it! Its easy to use and It has helped me a lot with the blog and stuff in my life! If you don’t have a blog they also have things to help organize your life! I am not sponsor by them I just love it! Click here to go to the website! As always I hope you enjoyed and I love you guys and I will see you in the next blog post!

↣ Ally+Kat ↢


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