Lets talk- August!

     Hey guys! I know its Wednesday and that means outfit breakdown but I’m starting something new on my blog and that’s a breakdown on the month we are going in to! I wanted to do this but I realize I was kind of late for that  so I’m doing it this week but starting next month I will be doing it on the first of the month! (Lets talk ________!) So lets just up right in shell we!

      With July gone lets bring in August! As you saw on my July wrap up, July was a shitty month (Click here) So I’m hoping to Make this month a lot better! So lets breakdown August and lets talk about what I hope, wish , and want for August!

Myself and August!

I want to get my stress under control! That is a big goal for me! I don’t know how much longer I can live with all the stress I’m under so I’m making a change with that! How you may ask?!?! I don’t know lol!! But I’m might started with taking toxic people out of my life and then just making time for me! If I get to stress take a mental health day! I’m a big supporter when it comes to taking a mental health day! If you need to take a day off work or school. Or just take a day and do something just for you! When someone pisses me off I need to learn to just walk away! That is something that is hard for me! I feel like I have to defend myself if that makes sense… I’m hoping doing these things will help get rid of some of the stress in my life!

Ally+Kat and August!

I’m hoping to hit my next goal of 10 follows on my blog!! just thinking of that makes me so happy!! and I also hope to improve my writing! I’m still learning and I will always be learning when it comes to my blog but I just hope to get better at writing my thoughts and ideas because I struggle with that now! I want to make my blog more of a community! And I want you guys involve with it more! (Tweet me some ideas or fan Friday request!) and cant wait to see what Ally+Kat becomes!

Some new stuff coming to Ally+Kat

•Wrap up- this is a wrap up for every month!

•Lets talk(what ever month is happing.)- this where I talk about the up coming month and what I hope and wish for it!

•How to- This is a funny series where I give you times or dumb stuff Its a fun where to make fun of stuff

Upcoming post for August!

  • How to: First date- will you win over the first date!
  • Have I ever naughty- Do you really want to know lol
  • My bullying story- I talk about my high school bully

I hope you guys like the first Lets talk____ ! I hope you guys will want more of it! Let me know in the comments blow what you hope for august! As always  I love you guys and I will se you in the next blog post!

↣ Ally+Kat ↢

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