Outfit of the week!

     Hey guys for this outfit of the week I’m doing a Instagram inspire look! I see this look everywhere and I love it its a jean button up with black leggings and booths! Its a simple looks but yet I love it! So I took it apron myself to remake this look and I think I didn’t pretty well. Lets start with hair and make up!


     For the hair I just left it down but I bushed it which is huge for me lol or you could leave it up in a pony tail then got makeup I went with a natural look. For the eyeshadow I went with is light brown dark brown look and some mascara then some blush and lipstick! Now on to the outfit!

    I look everywhere for a jean button that looked good and wasn’t so pricey but I finally found one at Torrid for $15.99!! Its like a light blue washout one and  I love it! then for the leggings I went with these long tight ones from adore me and I got them for $24.98. and for the shoes I went with my brown booties that I got from sears!

     That is it for this outfit of the week! I hoped you guys enjoyed let me know in the comments below what outfit you would like me to do next! as always I love you guys and  I will see you in the next post!

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