How To: First Date!

     Wither you met him online, in a bar, or he just fell on to your lap, you will have to go on a first date! You cant escape it! So today I will be giving you tips and tricks on how to win over the first date! Lets get started!

Rule #1- Never talk about the exs

This is common sense but yet you see people all the time bring up the dreaded ex! You should never talk about any other guy you have been with! I don’t care if it was a fling or a thing DONT TALK ABOUT IT!

Rule #2- Don’t talk to much about you

You want them to get to know you but not your life story!! Just give them a little bit then let them ask you questions. Maybe a little summary about you. Don’t go in to many details. You want some stuff to talk about in the next date! 

Rule #3- Let him talk

This goes with Rule #2 but don’t be that girl who never shuts up! Let him talk but if he doesn’t stop talking about himself then run for the hills baby!!

Rule #4- Don’t over do the make up

Don’t over do it! You don’t need all of Sephora on your face honey!

Rule #5- Don’t be so saran wrap

Don’t wear something so tight! You might burst! Wear something comfy but yet something you look good in!

Rule #6- don’t act like saran wrap

This one is easy! Don’t be so cling! No one likes that!

Rule #7- Be you

If he doesn’t like you so what you will find that right guy soon enough but for now have fun! Go out meet new people and win over the first date!!

       I hope you guys enjoyed this how to it was fun to do and I hope maybe this might help you on your first date or maybe not! As always I love you guys and I will se you in the next blog post!



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