Have I ever

 Hey guys! I’m sorry I couldn’t get the outfit of the week up for you guys my  camera doesn’t want to work! (Sad face) But for today I thought have I ever tag would be fun to do! so here it is!

1. Showered with someone of the opposite sex?

2. Taken a pregnancy test?

3. Lied about your age?
Yes, I made myself 1 year older when I was 18 to seem older

4. Been hit on by someone who was too old?
My ex! He was 30 I was 18 when we met but we were together for 3 years

5. Worn special clothes to cover up a hickey?
No, Im good with my makeup skills!

6. Sunbathed partially or totally naked?
No I burn to easily

7. Had sex with a person whose name you didn’t know

8. Gone “commando” (without wearing underwear)?
If I haven’t done laundry in a while but that never happens!

9. Fooled around with someone outside in nature?
No, Who goes outside anymore.

10. Been embarrassed to pick up your pictures from the photo center, because you remembered what is on them?
I just do it myself so that way my special photos won’t get seen

11. Skinny-dipped?

12. Told someone their zipper was down or their shirt was popping open?
Yes I have.

13. Been caught fooling around by a parent or a sibling?

14. Fooled around in a sleeping bag?
No sleeping bags are to small and not comfy!

15. Got arrested?
Nope, I’m a good girl

16. Not been able to remembered how you got somewhere?
If I’m really sleep deprived

17. Cheated on a test or an exam?
Yes A few in high school

18. Stuck out your tongue at the ATM camera?
Yesss who hasn’t done that

19. Used a fake I.D. and then couldn’t remember your new name?

20. Burped while you were kissing someone?

21. Smoked in the high school bathroom?
No I hate smoking

22. Gotten so sick, that you swore off a particular food or type of alcohol?
I might say that but it never happens

23. Played strip poker?

24. Put someone’s hand in warm water to see if it would make them pee?
Maybe when I was little

25. Been snuck into a bar or a movie because you were underage?

26. Had sex in the back seat of a car, or the back of a truck?

27. Been frisked by police or by airport personnel?
No never been to the airport!

28. Hidden cigarettes or weed, so your parents wouldn’t know you were smoking?
Still hate smoking

29. Had a dream about a teacher or someone you work with?
Maybe 😉

30. Gotten a tattoo?
Not yet

31. Lied about your birthday just to get a free dessert?

32. Bought sexy underwear and wore it?
Yes I get a lot!

33. Been fooling around in a car and accidently honked the horn?

I hope you guys enjoyed this fun little tag let me know in the comments below what is something you did that on this list!! As always I love you guys and ill see you in the next post!

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