A-Z Back to school

You might have already started school or getting ready to start so here is a more adult version on how to survive with a ABC countdown!!

A- A good nights rest
You want to be well rested to started your day off right!

B- Be good
Don’t be the schools jackass!

C- Campus Maps
Don’t get lost!

D- Details
Details are no matter what you are doing! (writing an essay, drawing a picture, or anything! )

E- Everything
Be ready for anything and everything!

It will be the one word that you will say over and over again! I know I have!

G- Grades
You better have good grades

School might seem like hell but it’s not!

I- Icky
Don’t be icky vicky!

J- justify
Justify all your answers!

K-keep me in your thoughts
That is what you tel your family and friend when it comes time for exams

L- lemons
When life give you lemons cry becuase that isn’t going to helo me in school

M- Money!
Textbooks are not cheap! Its crazy home much it cost for just one book

N- note taking
Take good notes it will be a life saver when it comes to the test

O- open up the wine!
(If you are of age!) Wine helps loosen all the stress from you. I think!

P- puppies!
If not of age go for dogs they aslo help with stress

Q- Quizzes
Pop quizzes suck!!!!

R- read
I love reading and its good to read one in awhile

S- study
This one is easy just study!

T- textbooks
Read them study them and love them

Unplug your phone and concentrate on some school

Value the time you had in school its a experience you should enjoy!

W- Walking
all the walking you’ll do on campus even when your lost

X- X marks the spot ?!?!
I ran out of words sorry lol

Y- y you do this?!
I ask that in my head all the time for everything


I hope you guys enjoyed this fun little post! I really had fun writing it! But As always I love you guys and ill se you in the next post!

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