August Wrap Up

Another month gone, just like that. Time flies by so that means it time for a August wrap up. August was a wild month for my emotions. I had a lot of breakdowns and anxiety attacks but I also had some good moments of realization. lets started the breakdown with what happen to me!

Me and August

The beginning of august was good I wasn’t to stress, I had gotten back with my ex and I was happy! The only thing that was really getting me was my sleeping. I never sleep! I get anywhere from 3-5 hours on a good day. That’s not good. I’m trying to sleep more but I do so much and don’t have time to sleep! One thing really sad that happened was my dog, Jake who was a pug died. he was about 17ish years old so he lived a long time and it was sad but I knew it was going to happened at some point. Other then all that august was a okay month, I’m happy to have my ex back in my life but hoping things will change for the better with us. 

Ally+Kat and August

Amazing stuff is happing with the blog. I stop posting everyday to just on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. the reason I did this was because I felt like I had to post something everyday and that means I didn’t but a lot of work in the post just so I can get one out there on time. Also because if I worked hard on a post it was only really talked about for that one day and I really didn’t like that.

My Favorite Blog post of August

Decisionsthis was a real talk post on how to make really tough decisions in life.

What do you want to be when you grow upThis was on how I find out what I wanted to do in life.

How to first date-This was tips on how to win over the first date. it was a fun little post.


I hope you guys liked this Warp up of August. On Wednesday the breakdown for September. As always I love you guys and I will see you on the next post! 


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