Dear Ex-Boyfriend

Dear josh,

        Its funny, a few blog post ago I was talking about how I was happy we were finally trying to fix things between us and trying to make us work. Guess that didn’t work now did it. Every time we fought, or you got mad, you always made me feel like it was fault. You always made it feel like it was my anxiety.  You always made me feel like I couldn’t talk to you about anything. 3 years of you blaming me for everything. 3 years of love and happiness to heartbroken and pain. I was there for you when you ever going through shit and you were there for me but then it was like you had better thing to do instead of being there for me.All you seem to care about was sex and I couldn’t do this anymore. You kind of gave up trying on us so I  gave up on you! I will say not everything was bad with you.

    In the beginning I didn’t love my body, I was shy, and really hated myself. But you helped me loved myself and I will forever thank you for that. It was because of you I’m happy with myself and can smile when I see a picture of me or see my in the mirror. You where there when my mom died and when my anxiety was at its worse. But somehow you turned into a asshole and I did blamed myself for that but then I realize It wasn’t me that told you to be like that. You did this to yourself. So I hope you enjoy you life without me because you missed out of having me in your life! I may have my anxity but that isn’t stopping me from living my life, I wont blame my anxity like you did! I don’t miss you josh but i’ll make sure you miss me.  


You’re sexy, beautiful, happy, ex-girlfriend 

Hey guys, I wanted to do this to let my feeling out. I hope this may help you with a breakup or anything like that! Maybe try writing your ex a note like I did! I know he’s never going to read this but its nice to know I told a lot of people that he’s an asshole lol. As always I love you guys and I’ll see you on the next blog post!

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