An Autumn Tag

Hey guys! I’m sorry I couldn’t get a blog post up in time for Monday! I just have a lot going on and I needed Saturday to sleep all day! But here is a fun autumn tag for you guys! I hope you guys enjoy and If you want to do the tag yourself link it down in the comments! I would love to read them!!


1. The smell of pumpkin guts or rotting leaves?
Pumpkin guts all the way!

2. Sweet or salty pumpkin seeds?
I love sweet more the salty but I’ll do both!

3. Store bought or pumpkin patch pumpkins?
Pumpkins path all the way! It’s so much fun!

4. Wool or knit sweaters?

5. Halloween party or explore haunted places?
Haunted places, I love being scared!

6. Apple pie or pumpkin pie?
Pumpkin pie!

7. Still, silent nights or rainy, windblown nights?
Rainy, windy put together!

8. Witches or ghosts?
That’s hard I love both!

9. Raking leaves or climbing trees?
Climbing tress! Who wants to do work!!

10. Ouija boards or ghost stories around a campfire?
Ghost stories!

11. October or November?
October! Because of my birthday and Halloween!!

12. Black cats or owls?
Black cats!

13. Monster movies or their classic novels?
A little bit of both!

14. Carve or paint pumpkins?
Carve, its more fun

I hope you guys enjoy and as always I love you guys and ill see you in the next blog post!

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