Dear Younger Me

Dear Younger me,

Right now I’m getting ready to turn 20! Can you believe it. I wanted to let you know that You don’t need to care what people think about you because you are beautiful  inside and out! You will have bad days and good days but no matter what you will get though it. You will hate high school, get bullied, and go though shitty break ups. You will realize your family isn’t really there for you and you will get bullied in your own home. You will have friends and then they will be gone within a blink of a eye. Your anxiety will get harder because life gets harder. Youre going to feel lost and feel like everything is closing in but you’ll find your way eventually. You’ll feel like everything is closing in on you and you can’t breath I know that feeling all to well but you’ll get through it soon enough I hope. You’ll feel like no one is listening to you and you can’t speak but one day you’ll find  someone who will listen to you. It may seem like your life is bad But everything in your life won’t be this shitty!

You will learn to love yourself and have all the confidence in the world. You will start to learn how to handle your anxiety and will get help along the way. You will get your GED and you will start college to be a teacher! You will also start a blog and though it you will meet different people who you look up to and they look up to you! No matter what people say I love you and I’m proud of you! You will do amazing things and I cant wait to see what is next for us! You will finally tell yourself that you need help with your anxiety and that’s a  big step for us! You don’t always need friends or family to help you though life, you will get though it just fine with out them! I would know I may be still going to hell but I’m getting though it one day at a time.

I hope you guys liked this post! I will say I did cry a little writing this because these past few days I have been feeling kinda worthless and I needed to tell myself that I’m not, I do a lot of other people and but other people before myself and I just needed a reminder to not listen to people who want to bring me down! As always guys I love you and ill see you in the next blog post!♥♥

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