Outfit Of The Week/ Fan Friday

♥♥I know I know, its Friday not Wednesday! But Sarah Wanted a outfit of the week for fan Friday so here it is!! I hope you guys enjoy.

For this Outfit of The Week I’m doing a look I have recently started loving. Its hot here in Florida so tank tops are amazing to wear in this heat so I put this look together and I hope you guys enjoy! Now lets start with hair and makeup!

For hair I love leaving my hair down but lets face it its too hot for that so I like doing this ponytail with a braid in it. Its classy yet simple and for makeup I did this copper look for the eyeshadow (See review here) and light bronzer and some rebel rose on my lips. Now on to the outfit!


For the top I went with this tank top from forever 21. It was a gift from a friend so I don’t know the price. I love the color is a light pink and it has a lot of details to it! The sleeves have the lace type style to it and the front and the back have this string going back and forth and its sexy and cute and it makes my boobs look great! This is not a top to wear to Sunday dinner at my grandmas house, I learned that the hard way lol! Then for the pants I went with some Long black leggings. I love the way these make my legs look and my ass looks great! I got these for my birthday from my sister and I am always wearing them! They are comfy and I love that they make my legs long! Then for shoes I went with these white wedges from target!

I hope you guys like this Outfit of the week! Let me know your thoughts on this outfit in the comments down below! And if you want to be the next fan Friday make sure you follow the blog, my twitter and my Instagram. Then tweet or comment a idea for fan Friday and you might be picked! As always I love you guys and I’ll see you in the next blog post!

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