Story Time: How My Birthday Was!


I’m finally 20! My birthday was on Sunday and I had a great time! I’m not one to really like my birthday because its usually a day where people fake like they are happy to see me and all the attention is on me and I really don’t like attention. But this year it was different.

Because my birthday was on a Sunday we had a little party at Sunday dinner at my grandma house. Me, my sisters, my grandma, my friend Mrs.Janet  and her son my older sister friend tal(who is so funny and made my night) and my sister boyfriend (who has the same last name as me) was there and it just was a great night! We has pizza which I love and my sister made a homemade cake and it was the best cake ever! I got cards from everyone and that made me really happy! I got the best gifts ever and I’m just really happy! Most birthdays I’m not happy and really just want to be alone but this time it was amazing! I will say it was kinda sad because the past 3 years I would wake up to a voice mail from my boyfriend singing happy birthday to me and I didn’t get it this time because we broke up so I did get sad at that. Other then that I’m happy I had a great day with friends and family!

I hope you guys like this little story time! If it seems like I’m all over the place, that is because it 1am and I’m really tired!! But as always I love you guys and ill see you in the next blog post!

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