How To: Survive Your Birthday Dinner

Hey guys for today post I’m doing a how to on surviving your birthday dinner! My birthday was on Sunday and so I just had my dinner so I got the tips to help you survive! If you don’t know what how to is, its a funny series where I try to give you tips that you shouldn’t use anytime anywhere! Now lets get on to the blog!

Its your birthday and you have to set through a dinner with your family and people who are there and you don’t know them. You hate the attention and people keep touching you. What do you do? Well I’m here to help! Ill give you some tips on how to survive that’ family birthday dinner!

Tip #1-Keep that smile on your face

I don’t know if its just my family or what but if I’m not smiling they instantly think I’m just not having a good time or I’m mad! But that’s not true. I’m usually just tired or I just don’t realize that I’m not smiling. So someone is always telling me to smile or ask what is wrong with me!

Tip #2-Always be ready for photos

So many people will be taking photos of you doing everything! Eating cake, sitting alone, thinking what the hell am I doing here! So just be ready for a phone in your face.

Tip #3-“What are you doing with your life?”

6 different people have asked me this question during dinner, 6!?! And lets be honest who really tells the truth when someone asks thins question, all I remember was saying I really don’t know I have a long life a head of me to find out! And that’s when they give me a look of really hun :/

Tip #4- The presents

So this one this a 2 for 1 deal. First if you don’t like a presents someone gave you just smile and say thank you and find something to do with it! And when opening presents I know how awkward it is when people just watch you and is staring at you so just smile and say thanks and maybe make a joke.

Tip #5- Eat your heart out!

Its your birthday so you eat 5 pieces of cake (Because its yours) Eat all the food and if someone says stop then say no its my fucking birthday!

Tip #6- Be you

It is your birthday so be you if you want to sit alone then sit alone. If you want to be with people then be with people! Do what you want and have fun! Just make sure you are happy on your big day!

I hope you guys liked this how to! Its always fun to do and if you have a idea for a how to or anything leave a comment down below! As always I love you guys and ill see you in the next blog post!

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