Birthday Tag!

Happy Fan Friday / Friday the 13th! For this fan Friday I’m doing a birthday tag suggest by Holly B.! If you want to be a fan for fan Friday follow the blog and my twitter and tweet me your idea! And if you want to do the tag I will link it down below for you guys! Now on to the blog!

1.) When is your birthday?
October 8th

2.) How old are you turning? (Or if your birthday recently passed, how old did you turn?)
I turned 20!

3.) What was your favorite present that you’ve ever received?
I got this cow that dances and sings from my best friend! I love cows lol!

4.) Are you/did you have a party this year? if so what are you doing?
I really didn’t have a party party because I was sick but I did have a family dinner which was really fun!
5.) How do you usually celebrate your birthday?I really just do nothing! I’m always on the go so I use this day for me to relax!

6.) What was the most memorable birthday that you had?
When I turned 18 because it was my last birthday with my mom!

7.) If you had an unlimited amount of money what would you do for your birthday?
I would use the money to but dog stuff and cat stuff and send the day at my humane society!

8.) What’s your birthday wish list?
I really don’t know

9.) Show a picture from your birthday, preferably an embarrassing one
Wouldn’t you like to see I don’t have the photo but it was me taking a cute photo of me then I fell!

10.)Do you have any birthday traditions?
Not really!

11.)what’s your favorite part about your birthday?
I get to say “it’s my birthday” so I don’t have to do anything lol

12.)what’s one thing that changed a lot since your last birthday
I see the fakeness of it! People acting like they are happy to see me what they are not!

13.) Have you ever been thrown a surprise party or have you ever thrown one for someone?
I haven’t had on before but I have thrown some before!

Birthday tag! (Click here!) 

I hope you guys enjoyed this birthday tag! It was really fun to do! Thank you Holly for being this weeks fan Friday!  Remember if you want to be a fan for fan Friday follow the blog and my twitter and tweet me your idea! As always I love you guys and ill see you in the next post!

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