Apartment From Hell- Story Time


Hey guys! As you can see this was suppose to be posted on Tuesday, but it got lost on WordPress forever! So i had to retype it for you guys! I know this was suppose to be a whole story but it got way too long so i made it into 2 parts! So here it is apartment from hell…

So long backstory short, my mom died on 2015 so we had to move out of where we were, our landlord there was a asshole and that’s a story for another time! He gave us a month and we started looking. I found this apartment place it has 4 bedrooms 2 bathroom and walk in closets for $920 a month! It was in the perfect area for my dad’s work and my sister’s school. It had what we wanted so we acted fast! We went over there later that week and started the process of getting the apartment the lady there was nice and sweet and everything was going great we got everything we needed and went back to finish everything and then they said they lost our paperwork so we lost that apartment!!! We had a few days to find a place, who i’m the hell does that!! They didn’t say anything to us or nothing! I was lost for words and was just done. We put in another application through them and had to wait till another apartment opened up. So at this point we had nowhere to live and had to pay for more application fees so we were almost broke. My grandma offer to pay for the hold of a apartment which was $870 And we had to find some places to live.. My aunt let us stay with her which was really sweet but we were there for 4 weeks! She has a 3 bedroom house and they was me, my dad, my little sister, her 2 kids, my Abuela, my uncle, and her then 3 dogs and 2 cats so we were packed and people were losing their minds!! But they we finally got the call we could move in and all was good! Or so we thought….

The next day we got the call saying we could move in on may 18th. At the time of the call it was only the 15th so we had a few days to get thing in order! By the time the 18th came long we had the moving truck packed and we were on the way! When we got there they said we couldn’t get the keys yet because they were still painting!! From the 15th to the 18th we made sure we could move in on that date and they kept saying yes yes yes! So what the hell! We had a truck filled with our stuff and no where to put it! Lucky the people panting were done with one of the rooms and they said we could put the stuff there so I was thankful for that. But still pissed at this point because we still had to wait a few more days till we could move in! 3 days later we were finally able to move in and I couldn’t wait to still be in hell….

I hope you guys enjoyed part 1 of Apartment from hell! I’m sorry its in 2 parts I just feel like I’m it was getting long and didn’t want to bore you with a super long post! I promise to have part 2 done for you ASAP!! As always guys I love you and I will see you in the next blog post!

Goooood Byeee

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