How To: Survive Autumn

Leaves start falling, temperature starts dropping, girls with uggs, and pumpkin spice lattes! You know it’s finally Autumn! Don’t get me wrong i love fall but let’s be honest why is fall so serotype! SO to add to it let’s how to fall! If you don’t know what How to is, it’s a series on my blog where I give you tips you should never follow! It’s a fun series, i make fun of stuff in a funny way and don’t make sense sometimes! It’s not meant to be serious it’s suppose to be fun! I hope you guys enjoy so let’s get start!

Fall tip #1- What you wear matters

Whether you are guy or a girl what you wear will say if you are fall ready! Black leggings are a must and any flannel would do and boots you have to have the boots!

Fall tip #2- Can’t forget you PSL

PSL- Pumpkin spice latte. You either have one and be cool or don’t have one a be lame! ( this is coming from someone who hates coffee)

Fall tip#3- Go to all the pumpkin paths

I don’t know what it is but all i see on my Instagram is people going to pumpkin patches ! Don’t get me wrong i love going they are fun but i see people going to one every week! I guess to fall you need a lot of pumpkin patches in your life Or instagram!

Fall tip #4- Cuddle time!!

As a single girl I don’t like reading about how it’s now fall so you and your boyfriend are cuddling for hours but I guess with the weather dropping that means cuddle time. So cuddle safely my friends…

Fall tip #5- leaves pictures everywhere

If you don’t like looking at leaves then don’t go to Instagram because leaves will be everywhere! Leaves with boots, leaves with animals, leaves with people just leaves and leaves and more leaves!!!

Fall tip #6- Family time

With all fun and sass aside I love fall because to me it means family time! It’s the time of the year where my family is all together and I get to see them! With thanksgiving and all the fall festivities, fall is great time to be with family So enjoy the time you have!

I hope you guys liked this how to! It’s always fun to do because it’s all joking around and so i hope it makes you smile! As always i love you guys and i’ll see you in the next post!


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