Life Update

Hey guys! So i did have a fun blog post plan but life happened and I kind of wanted to give a little life update! The whole point of my blog is to tell my life, all the bad and good of it in hopes to help someone who may be going to the same thing. With that be in said a lot of bad happened this week and a little good so let’s get start…

The bad!

The biggest thing that happened is my dad got fired. If you saw on twitter I kinda went on a rant. (I’m sorry about that) He is a city bus driver and deals with a lot of drunks, he’s used to that! But on Friday this a drunk guy who was trespassing started threatening my dad and then went to go attack my dad. My dad didn’t fight back my dad didn’t do anything other then put his arm up so the guy couldn’t get to him! But to this job they said he punched him but the video shows him not doing any of that! So that happened and still trying to process that. Other than That nothing to bad has happened. Just been stressed and tired a lot. I never sleep lol

The good!

I met a guy! I’m not jumping into a serious relationship anytime soon by any means but I met a guy who I can talk to and makes me happy!! It’s weird because this feels a lot different then my last relationship! I’m not trying to be someone else I can tell this guy everything and feel happy and not being judged by him if any of that made sense lol I don’t know everything shitty going on I talk to him and I’m happy and i can smile!!! Which is something I thought I could never do lol and I also hit 100 followers on twitter!! That’s crazy and I couldn’t thank you guys enough! Plus I hit 16 followers on my blog! Thank you guys so much I really do love you guys and can’t wait to see what we do next!

I’m sorry I couldn’t get a good blog post out today I just have a lot going on these past 2 days I didn’t have time to sit down and plan a blog! But I promise you’ll get a amazing blog post out Friday! As always I love you guys and I’ll see you in the next blog post!



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