October breakdown

Another month gone away only 2 left before 2017 is over!! That’s crazy! But let’s not get ahead of yourself just yet. Today I’m breaking down my October and telling you the good, the bad, and the outright stupid stuff that happened this month! So let’s get started!

The beginning

October started out really good! It was my birthday on October 8th and I turned 20!! I had a great birthday it was a family dinner with friends and family and i loved it! I started a workout routine that i am loving (blog post coming soon) and that has been going really good! It’s pushing me but not to much to where i can’t do it everyday! Other then that, the beginning of October was really good!

The middle

Nothing really happen I’ve been trying to get more sleep and that hasn’t been working. I’m trying to manage my stress and that’s not working. So I’m still working on it. Other then that middle of October was okay.

The end

I don’t have words. I knew my stress was bad but this month was really bad! It all hit me at once of everything i need to get done and all the stuff I do it’s overwhelming. The one good side of this month is i met a guy! He makes me happy and smile and it’s weird because in my last relationship I didn’t have this feeling that I’m having now if that makes sense lol I’m just happy! With all the shot going on I just talk to him and I’m happy!

I hope you guys enjoyed this October breakdown! In the comments down below what’s one thing you did this October?? As always I love you guys and I’ll see you guys in the next post!!


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