November Goals 🍁

Ah November, the time for family and being thankful. But if your family is anything like mine then it’s more like fake smiles and stuffing your face with food so you don’t have to talk to anyone! But that’s a story for another time! Now that it’s the start of November it’s time to make my monthly goal list! This is where I make a goal list for Ally+Kat and myself of the still i want to accomplish. So let’s get started!

Goals for Ally+Kat

One of my main goals is to learn more about how to get my blog out there more. It’s something I’m still struggling with. Another goal is to get more views on my blog. I work so hard on my post and no one really sees them. I’m very thankful for the few views i do get i really am but i want to grow my blog and learn how to get better with social media! That’s my goal for November.

Goals for Me

I really need to make more time for me. I need sleep. I get anywhere from 3-5 hours everyday and that’s not enough! I also want to manage my anxiety better, it’s been really bad lately so I want to either go back to therapy or do something to help it. I also really like this guy I’ve been talk to and i really want to go on a date with him but With my anxiety I know that’s going to be rough. I also want to workout more! I’ve been okay with it I just need to make it habit of doing it everyday.

That’s about it for this month’s goals!! In the comments down below let me know one goal you have for November! As always guys I love you and I’ll see you in the next post!



4 thoughts on “November Goals 🍁

  1. I am working on getting my blog more exposure as well, one of the things I am doing today is leaving comments on other blogs πŸ™‚ I also work on growing my social media following on twitter and instagram, I have my blog link listed on both profiles.

    One of my goals for November would be to write some new blog posts!

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