What love does to you 💞

If i could describe what love does to you in one word I would choose weird. Because it’s weird. Love can be the best thing in the world but it can also be really bad. I’ve been through both and want to share my story on it! So let’s get started

My last relationship was a good example of a bad type of love. I knew from the start this relationship wasn’t going to end well. But for 4 years I stayed with him. I loved him. I really did. He help me through a lot, was always there for me, and always said the stuff I wanted to hear. But that was all fake, and I couldn’t see through it! I was so in love that I only wanted to see the good in him even if it was fake. The truth was he was a toxic person it was toxic relationship. He use my mental illness as an excuse for everything. Every fight we had even if it wasn’t started by me it was my fault. This kind of love is toxic and yes I did love him but you should never be in a relationship like that. That’s just one example of bad love. To read the full story of my ex check out this post! (click here) There’s probably many more that I hope to never experience. But it’s also great love, let’s talk about that.

I wouldn’t say I’m in love with this guy only because I did just get out of a shitty relationship but talking to this guy makes me so happy! I met him online and we have been talking for about 4 weeks and he is just amazing! It’s weird because as stressed and shitty I feel he always knows what to say to make me smile and laugh! I just feel like i can talk to him and i feel safe with him. He makes me happy. I can speak to him about anything and he won’t judge me and he can speak to me. When I can’t sleep he’ll stay up with me, when I have a headache he’ll always make sure im ok! He is amazing and I really hope this works out!

The last love I want to talk about is real love! That’s the love that is both amazing but can be hard to! You can love this person so much but have days where to hate him. You can be the perfect couple and still fight sometimes thats normal! No couple is really perfect! Just as long as your happy and your partner is happy then its ok to fight and yell and be mad once and awhile. Just know the difference between real love and toxic love.

I hope you guys liked this love post! I know it may be a hot mess but i just wanted to get this off my chest! I hope you guys enjoyed and in the comments down below let me know something you love! It can be anything!! As always I love you guys and i’ll see you in the next post!


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