Thanksgiving tag!!

Happy almost thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving because I get to be with family and you get to eat how ever much you want and no one will judge you! Today I wanted to do a little tag! If you want to do this tag, down below I will leave a link to the post i found and comment down below your answer!

1. What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

This is a tough one! I will say I’m a sucker for my grandmas mash potatoes but I also love stuffing! And mac n cheese!!!

2. What is your favorite Thanksgiving dessert?

Hands down pumpkin pie! I reminder when I was young I would always want make cute turkey cupcakes to bring over and non one would eat! Now i know why, you don’t bring dessert unless it’s pie!!!

3. What does your ideal Thanksgiving outfit look like?

It’s a good mix of classy, casual, comfy! We always do family photos at thanksgiving so I want to look good but I’m always going to be running around and eating a lot so i want to be comfy!

4. What is your best Thanksgiving memory?

The night before thanksgiving I would stay the night at my grandmas house and help her make pies and the food, then in the morning we would watch the parade!

5. Least favorite Thanksgiving dish.

I don’t like salad! I’m not a salad person!!!

6. Do you have any quirky Thanksgiving traditions?

I wouldn’t say this is quirky but we always take family photos because this is the only time where all my family is together and we look nice! lol!!

7. Where do you and your family usually celebrate Thanksgiving?

Always been at my grandmas house!

8. What do you love most about Thanksgiving?

Being with my family! And eating a lot!

9. What do you think has changed most since the first Thanksgiving?

The food we eat! I love how each family has something different on thanksgiving! When you think of a thanksgiving dinner you think of a turkey and mash potatoes but for a lot of people it’s not that and i think that’s really cool to see all the different ways people now celebrate thanksgiving!

10. What are you thankful for?

You guys! My family and friends! I have a roof over my head and that I’m happy!

I hope you guys enjoyed this tag! Here is where i got the questions! (Click here!!) Comments down below What is your best Thanksgiving memory? As always I love you guys and I’ll see you next post!!



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