I survive Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, The time for family, food, football, pie, and hoping your uncle Sam isn’t going to talk about politics. For me My thanksgiving was a little different! For starters we had it on Wednesday night for reason unknown and My Grandmother wasn’t there!  Backstory time!! Since forever, my grandma has always done thanksgiving dinner. But this year she went out of town to New York!!  So my older sister (Who lives with my grandma) Decided to take over! Now I love my sister I really do! But when she said she was going to do thanksgiving I didn’t believe she could do it! She’s a great cook but its all about the stress of cooking it all, and making everything look good, and all the people around! All that is just stressful! But she did a amazing job. So enough backstory lets start this story time!

For once in my life we were early!!! I mean only by 10 minutes but that’s really good for me! By the time I got there my sister and her boyfriend (who has the same last name as us but isn’t related to us but still creeps me out which we will talk about later) Had most of dinner cook but she was a hot mess! So i started to help her with the cooking while she did the table! Then people started showing up! There wasn’t a lot of people like i thought there was going to be but it was nice! There was about 11 people there which is a lot smaller then normal. We all eat dinner and talked. Ate more food then some pie and then we all got comfy in the living room and watch some Christmas movies! The after some people left me, my older sister, her boyfriend and her friend played some bored games and card games! We had music playing and talked it was really great! It was one of the first time where my sister talked to me like i was her sister,  not just someone who was there! It was amazing! Then after all the fun I realize it was already 11 pm so we started cleaning up and heading home! Then I got home and just passed out!

That is pretty much it for my thanksgiving! I hope you guys enjoyed this story time! Let me know in the comments down below, What you did for thanksgiving or if you don’t do thanksgiving what did you did you do that was fun this week! As always I love you guys and I’ll see you in the next post!



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