November breakdown

Just like that November is gone! I cant believe it! November was for sure a stressful month for me and my family. A lot of bad happened but some good did come out of all of it! So with that being said lets breakdown what I did this November!!

My life:

The beginning wasn’t to bad! It started out with my bank not putting through my checks so No money was going in and I couldn’t pay any bills!! But I’m beyond thankful to my grandma who was able to pay my rent for me till I get my bank sorted out! (which I still haven’t gotten my money!) Then as I talk about before (Click here to read about it My dad is still out of work!! They said it could be other month before he knows anything! Which means no work check from him! So we have no money coming in at all and its been stressful trying to me ends meet! But I have the most amazing friends and family who are helping me and my dad out through all this! Update my dad got fired. He got the call this morning and just now told me. Nothing pisses me off more then this whole situation. I don’t understand anything they did towards this whole ordeal. They played us for two months telling us we’ll see keep calling in don’t know anything yet but in reality they knew they were going to fire him so now my stress is beyond bad and I’m at a lost.

The blog:

I have had a amazing time with the blog this month! Views are going up, I hit 35 follows, and I’m writing what I want to not what I have to! I joined a group on twitter with other bloggers and they are amazing and sweet! I also am doing a card swap this year with other bloggers from around the world! I’m beyond happy with Ally+Kat! And I’m thankful for all of you guys!

That is about it for November breakdown! I hope you guys enjoyed! Let me know in the comments down below, What was something you did this month! As always I love you guys and Ill see you in the next post!



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