Bloggers Christmas Card Swap

Hey guys! This year I was apart of a card swap with some other bloggers and it was really fun to do! With me not being so much in the Christmas mood with everything i had going on, I knew this would be A good thing for me. So thank you to Girl Missguided for started the blogger Christmas Card swap! I love her blog and will link it down below long with all the other bloggers that were involved!! Now onto the blog!!

I definitely needed something to get me into the Christmas spirit so when coming across the card swap I thought it was perfect. I love meeting new people especially in the blogging community. But I almost didn’t do it, it still is just feeling so blah with everything going on but it just didn’t want to do it but thinking about it it was probably my best decision to do it. When it came time two doing the cards I really didn’t know what I wanted to do I thought about doing homemade cards because who doesn’t like something homemade but it thinking about it that took a lot of time and I wish I had the time to do that but I didn’t so after the store I went. When I went to go pick up cars I wanted funny but I have a sense of humor, but I also wanted each card different so after peeing out a lot of cards I came home. Now I had to figure out what I was going to write in them! This was the nerve-wracking part for me because of my dyslexia I was scared I was going to mess up and all the cards and I didn’t have a backup card just in case so I had to write too slowly and one word at a time. That took awhile but I wanted theses cards to be perfect! 20171219_043257.jpgThen It was time to send these cards! I wasn’t sure about how to send these cards because a lot of them we’re going internationally so I had to go to my post office to ask and let me just say I hate my post office. They really don’t help you with anything and that kind of sucks when I really needed help on this so I figured it out myself and they were finally sent out or so I thought… some of them were sent back for some reason I don’t know why so I went to another post office near me and they said they were fine so they sent it out and I haven’t gotten them back so I’m hoping that’s a good sign! The conclusion to all of this is I had a great time doing them I got to meet some great people and some new blogs that I’m excited for! It was really fun to do and hope to do it again next year!

I hope you guys like this story time! Down below is all the links to all the bloggers involved with the card swap make sure you go check it out!! As always i love you guys and i’ll see you in the next post!!



People in the card swap:

Brittney Ross



Katie Henry

Dedra Bow

Britt K

Cozy Den

Miss Charissa

Mika gray

Haley Marie

And of course….

Girl Missguided

5 thoughts on “Bloggers Christmas Card Swap

  1. Yaaaayyy! I can totally relate to the post office being incredibly unhelpful as some of mine were sent back too! Oh well, hopefully everything will get where it needs to be this time around! I loved writing the cards and being a part of something so neat! I hope you have an awesome Christmas and an even better new year! xo


  2. Thank you so much for taking part of this experience with me! I loved the entire process, but seeing what everyone wrote in their cards was the best part for me. I hope you’ve received mine, I have yet to receive yours just yet, but I am looking forward to it. I hope to take part again next year! Xx

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