January Goals!

Happy 2018 everyone! I hope the new year is starting out right for you!! I know im a old soul because i couldn’t stay up till midnight!! But with that being said today im breaking down my goals for January! I do this for every new month we come in to and felt like January is a “special” month for goals but anyways Lets get started!

My Goals for Ally&Kat!

I wouldn’t say I have one goal in mind for the blog, but I would like to hit 80 follows by the end of this month! Right now I have 70 amazing Follows so im not far off! I also want to improve my content which is always a goal for me! I know what I put out there is good but I want to make it better!

My Goals for Me!

Sleep! I need more but I want a good sleeping schedule! I also want to get rid of my stress! (that’s always a goal I never get done!) I want to workout more. I love working out but because of my back pain I cant do as much as I would like and that sucks! Other then that I think that’s about it!

I hope you guys enjoyed this Goals post! In the comments down below tell me whats one of your goals! As always I love you guys and ill see you in the next post!



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