Fan Friday Girly Q and A !

Happy Fan Friday This fan Friday post is for Maddy B. Who wanted a girly q and a!! So here is the first fan Friday of 2018!!! If you want to be the next fan Friday, all you have to do is comment  down below want you want to see in the next fan Friday and you will be mention in the post so now lets get started!

A big poofy dress or a short party dress?

I love short dresses. I Have long legs and love to show then off! Plus, if I try to wear a mid-height dress it would just end up being short on me because tall people problems!

Do you like getting love letters?

Yes! I think it is so romantic! I love stuff like that and my ex used to do it all the time!

Do you hate it when guys act different when around their friends?

Well it depends! I know I act a little bit different with different people! But if he’s acting like a ass then yes I hate it and I would leave him!

Is your hair up or down?

Right now, it’s down but I mostly have my hair up to get it out of my face!

Do you get your nails done?

I do my nails myself! I just paint them! And if I’m not drunk then they look great!

Small or large purses?

I like a happy middle! Right now, I have a good size purse. Its big enough to hold all my shit but not too big for me to find random stuff to carry with me!

Jeans or skirts?

More like leggings!! I am always wearing my black leggings with everything! But lately I’ve been feeling girly and been wearing some skirts!

Who do you text message a lot?

Mostly my sister and we send funny photos of dogs and people! Then I have my group chats! I have one of me, my sisters and my dad. Then I have one of me and my sisters!

What’s your favorite color?

I love orange! I think it just has to do with my birthday being in October and so for every year we would have orange everything!

Heels or flats?

Flats but if I ever feel the need to be 7 feet tall then I love wearing heels!  

Would you ever leave the house without makeup on?

Yes! I have days where I just don’t feel like wearing any make up and I still feel beautiful!

Wal Mart or Target?

Well im not allowed in either because I’ll send to much! But I do love both!

What is the youngest you would date?

Let’s be honest I love older guys! If you look at my track record Its be people over 30!

Do you fall in love easily?

Yes! This has always been something I struggle with!

Do you wear sweatpants/pj’s to school or work?

If I could I would!

Do you yell a lot?

If I do you know I am pissed! I blame my Spanish side!

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Who gets up in the morning?!?!? But I will say it could anywhere from 20 mintuns to a hour!

I hope you guys liked this fan Friday!! Thank you so much Maddy B! If you want to be the next fan Friday, all you have to do is comment  down below want you want to see in the next fan Friday! As always I love you guys and  Ill see you in the next post!!



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