I’m back!!

I’m sorry guys! I hate having to write this because it means I let you guys down! I thought I was ready to come back last week I had everything lined up and done but its like everything came to me at once! I was sick, still dealing with bills on bills, then my dad started work again (which is good, but I had to get used to his schedule because I pick it up from work!) school was still kicking my ass and I just needed to breath! The past 2 months have been so shitty and I’m trying to get thing back in order because from those months and that’s hard to do when you have school, blogging, daily thing, and everything else But I think I’m back! I think I got everything sorted out and I can breathe (well not really but that’s because of allergy’s!) SO, thank you guys for everything and I hope to really be back this time because I love blogging and want to be doing this full time I just needed to stop and relax first! As always thank you for everything and I love you and I’ll see you in the next post!!

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